Slemmons, Krista

Dr. Krista Slemmons

My research examines the response of ecosystems and aquatic organisms to long term climate variation. As both a paleoecologist and a limnologist, I use an interdisciplinary approach by incorporating fossil diatom reconstructions, field observations and modern ecological experimentation to understand the drivers of change in aquatic community composition, species diversity and ecosystem function throughout the Holocene. Particularly, I am interested in how the combined effects of climate variability, nutrient loading due to glacial recession, and hydrologic change influence ecosystem dynamics through time and how this information can better inform management and conservation decisions into the future and predict a lake’s trajectory under these various environmental scenarios.

In my position as the Scribner Professor of Biology Education, I also work closely with the School of Education at UWSP to mentor student teachers and collaborate with Education faculty members on the best methods to help student learn science.  Together with the biology department faculty we are interested in identifying best practices among secondary and post-secondary educators.  Some of these include examining the effectiveness of inquiry-based laboratories in reducing science misconceptions, examining the most effective length of online videos for middle school through college ages students, and the use of case studies and online lectures to reduce science anxiety and stereotype threat among non-majors.

Associate Scribner Professor of Biology

Biology Department

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

347 Chemistry Biology Building

Stevens Point, WI 54481

(715) 346-2453